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About Me

I’m Esther. Teacher, writer, multi skilled and adaptable professional.

With significant experience across a range of disciplines, I have a variety of transferrable skills I can bring to your organisation to help you achieve your goals.


Communication skills
  • I am a prolific and skilled writer. I have published a book, blog and have contributed many guest posts to other websites. I have created a professional white paper, written formal reports, developed engaging powerpoint presentations
  • I am able to adapt my language and teaching to suit the audience. Having had experience of working with a wide range of people, and as a mother of 3, I am used to adjusting my language to suit my audience
  • I am an experienced public speaker, and have delivered talks, workshops and training sessions to a wide variety of audiences including business leaders, political conference audience, local community members, children and residents of a care home
  • I am confident with networking and professional relationship development, both in person and through online networking sites
  • Since 2006 I have engaged in numerous fundraising events and raised thousands of pounds for a variety of causes
  • I have arranged fundraising events, including quizzes, walks, and a Yoga day
  • I have secured PR for my efforts, including a piece in Wales Online with the Super Furry Animals, and an article in Good Housekeeping
IT Skills
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, and a range of other software applications. I am able to adapt and learn to use new applications and systems quickly
  • Experienced at handling and working with data and systems
  • Experienced at using social media for professional purposes
Business development and management skills
  • Adept at multi tasking with years of experience of managing multiple and conflicting priorities
  • Experience with financial and other business admin functions
  • Awareness of the importance of clear vision, with joined up strategy and tactics to promote business growth and development
Teaching and Learning
  • I have 4 teaching qualifications, and am qualified to teach children, adults, Yoga and First Aid for Mental Health. I currently teach Yoga and stress reduction, and am registered as a supply teacher
  • I have worked with jobseekers in DWP offices, supporting them with job applications and basic IT skills, as well as encouraging and motivating them through their challenges
  • I have presented training to senior management in international organisations, local charities, schools, old people?s homes, business network groups, and, in previous roles, to colleagues and other internal stakeholders
  • I have developed workshops and retreats, as well as teaching yoga and related subjects through the internet
  • I am passionate about my own growth and personal and professional development. I am always trying to learn more about how I can be better as a person and a professional, as well as learning more about the world.