Hello. I’m Esther.

How can I help you?






Oh fab, you’re here! Lovely to see you.?


Please, sit down, I’ll make you a coffee. Or I’ve got a dazzling array of herbal teas if you’d prefer.

I have to tell you, I love what you’re doing in the world. You’re helping so many people overcome huge challenges in their life.

As someone who has overcome many of those same challenges, I’m so grateful to you. I’ve got through addiction, stress, depression, bereavement, and bulimia. I didn’t find out I have ADHD until I was in my mid 40?s (boy, was that a huge lightbulb moment!). And I’m a single mamma.

You could say I’ve had a few mountains to climb along the way to where I am right now!

I know ALL about the importance of people like you when you’re desperately searching for answers and solutions to your problems. (My Google search history would give you a pretty clear indicator of my mental health journey over the last decade I am sure!)

I also know how hard it can be to get your services out there to the right person.

That desperate woman sobbing at her laptop, wondering if she is ever going to escape from her problems is going to see lots of other websites.

You need to know that when she finds yours, she knows immediately if you’re right for her.

And this is where I can help.

I’ll create the words that will speak to your ideal client and show her exactly how you offer her the answers she needs.

Together, we’ll help her feel confident in your expertise, empathy and solutions. We’ll reassure her that you’re the right person for her, and that it is safe to contact you.

She needs to trust you implicitly. She may have been let down in the past, and feels wary of reaching out to the wrong person. We both know that you are the right person, and I’m going to help you show her.

Esther nagle content blog writer drinking coffee in Bristol

Why Me?

I love to write.

When I was 8 I wanted to write the next Narnia books.

At 16 I wanted to be a music journalist (how cool would it be to get paid to go to gigs, listen to music and talk to rock stars?!)

27 year old student me harboured dreams of being an academic and having my work cited in someone else’s university essays.

43 year old me wanted to write a book, and did it!

I found my writing voice in my own healing journey. When I unexpectedly got sober through my Yoga teacher training in 2014, I was my own therapist through my personal writing. When started blogging, I found that my words helped and inspired others on the same journey.

The same thing happened when I discovered my ADHD. I have written hundreds of blog posts over the years, both for my own and other’s websites, and was published in a national Yoga magazine. You can see a sample of these on my portfolio page.

In 2016 I fulfilled 8 year old Esther’s, and wrote a book!. While it was far from a beautiful children’s fantasy I’d once dreamed of, it was “A very brave and truthful account I can relate to. Thought-provoking, informative, a must-read for anyone wanting to find spirituality and learn about the use of yoga in addiction recovery” (5 Star Amazon review, not my words!). I’m pretty proud to have written THAT!

I love to write, to share insights, knowledge and emotions with other people through words on a page.

My top value in life is connection, and writing is such a powerful tool for connection. When you find the right words, you can speak directly to your ideal client in irresistible ways. You can prove that you understand and care for them. You can reassure them that you empathise deeply with the challenges they face in life and that you have solutions to help.

Esther Nagle writer happy smiling woman
Close-up of psychiatrist keeping her hands together while listening to her patient

Because that is what people in struggle want. They have faced stigma, shaming, belittling, fear and so much more. They will have encountered people who just want them to “Get over it”, or “Sort yourself out”, without offering them any support to do that. Their inner critics will be more unrelentingly cruel than their worst detractor.

They need to know that in you, they have found the compassionate, understanding guide that I know you are.

Between your expertise, and my words, we will blow their fears away and give them that much-needed hope that life can improve.

I’d love to talk about how we can work together to help those people who need you!

Let’s have a virtual coffee (or herbal tea!) and see what magic we can create together!

“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it.”

Wally Lamb

Your dream clients are out there, looking for the solutions you can help them find.

Let’s find them together!

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