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Have you ever read your favourite blog, and thought ‘I’d love to do this’?

Do you want to write a blog but don’t know where to start?

Would you love to get your ideas out into the world, but can’t get clear on your ideas to plan what to say?

Are you ready to blog but need some support and accountability to hit the starter button?

I know exactly how that feels!

I know you’ve got a powerful message to share.

You’ve learned loads on this amazing rollercoaster ride through life.

You’ve got passion and purpose oozing out of you, and you are desperate to share it with the world.

You have a voice, and the world needs what you have to say.

But it can be daunting to know where to start.

How do you begin to set up a blog?

How to decide what to write about, and what to leave out?

How do you make sure you sit down to write?

And how can you make sure that someone other than your Mum will read it?

I’m here to help…..

Blog Here Write Now


In the free Blog Here Write Now workshop week, from July 5 to 9, I am going to help you get your ideas out of your head, plan your brilliant blog, and start sharing that OH SO IMPORTANT wisdom you’ve got! 

Over the course of a week, I am going to help you uncover…

Your passions, purpose and perfect people so that you can create the blog that is perfect for you and your purpose in life, and the people who need to hear your message
Your core themes and topics, so that you will always know what to write about, and always have plenty of sources of inspiration
How to write for your blog so that reading your posts is a joy for your readers
The secrets to engaging blog posts that have readers coming back for more
How to create a blog plan that fills you with joy and the excitement of creation


I adore this woman. Smart, quick, talented and kind beyond measure. It has been such a pleasure to work with Esther. I was having such trouble getting started on a series of emails that I needed to write. Esther created the structure, had so many great ideas and made light work of something that had literally taken me weeks to even start. The best part is that she really cares and makes you feel like she’s not just a copywriter but a real member of your team.

Tracy Otsuka, Podcast Host and ADHD Coach @ ADHD For Smart Ass Women

Esther is a phenomenal writer. She is thoughtful, sensitive and has heaps of empathy that you can see pouring through the words on the page. I highly recommend her skills, she is an asset to my business.

Lisa Barry, Copy Coach @ Lisa Barry Online

Esther is a kind and talented lady. She was the perfect match for the type of content I was looking for. She takes time to get to know your needs and makes sure you are getting the right content fit for you. I found Esther really easy to work with and her communication throughout the job was excellent. In short if you are looking for a perceptive and intelligent approach to copywriting would highly recommend her work!

Johanna Paxton, Yoga and Movement teacher @ The Moving Point

I need Esther as my writing coach, accountability mate and most importantly someone who can understand the challenges we face together. I highly recommend, Esther Nagle.

Rhonna Jessome, Writing teacher

I had an Ideal Client Deep Dive with Esther, and would highly recommend 🙂 Through guided meditation, Esther was able to establish a creative flow state, and the ideas came tumbling out! The time flew and we covered A LOT! I felt I really unlocked who we need to connect with and which customers to focus on. Esther was friendly and great to bounce off! All in all, a highly effective brainstorming session.

Asha Myers, Recovery Coach @ Free Spirits Recovery

Esther nagle in a red hat with red lipstick

About Me

I started blogging over a decade ago, when my blogs were filled with rants about politics, music, walking, yoga, and stories of being a Mamma. Over the years I have written hundreds of blog posts, for my own and other people’s websites. I have written extensively about my own journey of healing and recovery from addiction, Yoga, stress, writing, ADHD, and walking in nature, and more.

As a woman with ADHD, I know how hard it can be to create consistency and structure around your blog. This is why I am creating this workshop, to help you build a solid plan, and to give you space and support to get started with your blog. I know that you have an important message to share with the people who need to hear it. I want to see your blog out there in the world, and to see the positive impact you can make in the lives of your people!

Your people are waiting to read your powerful message. 

Don’t put this off any longer!

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