Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing where to start.

Faced with that blank screen, inspiration can disappear, and you’re left feeling like you know nothing, and have no words.

What CAN you write about?

Luckily, there is lots a Yoga teacher can write about to inspire and attract students.

Yoga infuses all aspects of life, so all aspects of life can be relevant.

Obviously, this does have limits. You don’t want to talk about everything on your blog, or you will confuse your readers.

But you can take inspiration from all areas of life, as well as your Yoga teaching and practice.

Here are some ideas of things you can blog about.

How did you get into Yoga?

People love a ‘heroes journey’ story. Share with them the story of what prompted your decision to start practising yoga. Maybe you were seeking a solution to a problem when you went to that first class. Maybe you found something you didn’t even know you were seeking on your Yoga mat. Perhaps Yoga transformed your life more than you could have dreamed?

What prompted your decision to become a teacher?

We all have our own ‘aha moment’ stories about the big decisions we make in life. What was the moment you decided you needed to teach Yoga?

What are the biggest lessons you have learned from Yoga?

There is so much to learn from your Yoga practice. Your students will all be on their own journey with it. Share your revelations and learnings with them, allow them to gain from your experience.

How does Yoga impact the rest of your life?

Maybe your Yoga practice has inspired you to become vegan, quit drinking, start travelling, give up your super stressful corporate job? Maybe it has helped you become a better parent, a more compassionate community member. Perhaps you have overcome significant mental health problems through your practice. These stories help to show your students that Yoga is not just about what they do with their bodies on the mat, but about how they live their life.

What is your mission?

Are you on a mission with Yoga? Perhaps, like Tommy Rosen or Kyczy Hawk you are passionate about the benefits Yoga can offer to those in recovery from addiction? Maybe, like Heather Mason of The Minded Institude, your passion is in Yoga for Mental Health. Or perhaps, like Cathy Bailey of Office Om, you want to help people in the workplace be healthier and happier? By sharing your mission, you speak to those who those who can connect to your mission in some way, whether as clients, or as champions for what you are trying to achieve in the world.

Share inspiration you find around you

The world around you is rich with ideas you can blog about. Yoga is about life as a whole, so every aspect of life can inspire thoughts on Yoga. Stay open and observe the world as you go, you will find ideas to connect to Yoga philosophy everywhere!

Share your learning

What books are you reading? Have you watched any great documentaries? What are your go to podcasts? Sharing the things you learn as you learn them shows your students that you are interested in your own development, and gives you an endless bank of content to write about. You can’t write if you don’t refill the tank, and continued learning is one of the ways you can do this.

Benefits of practice

This is a fairly obvious one, I almost didn’t put it in! But your students need to know what they will gain from working with you, why Yoga will help them, and what problems they can solve through it. Remember though, you can’t help everyone, so pick your niche before you start doing this.

What interests your target audience?

What is your Ideal Client interested in? How can you relate that to Yoga? Maybe you are focusing on Yoga for busy single mothers. You might want to talk about the importance of self care, with Yoga being just one of the tools you suggest. If you focus on yoga for children, you might write about other fun activities you can do with kids, or books for children. What you decide depends on how well you know your ideal client, and your niche, so make sure you are clear on both, or your blog might end up being a bit of a ‘free for all’ content wise!

Yoga philosophy

This is often overlooked in a Yoga world that focuses so much on the physical aspects of Yoga.

I think this is a great shame, not only for Yoga, but for our students and our society. Yoga has much to teach us about how to live a good life. Your students will benefit from learning about the Yamas, Niyamas, and all the other beautiful lessons Yoga has to offer.

Yoga philosophy is about day to day living, and all of it can be related to your niche. How can you relate the Yamas to your ideal client’s life for example? The possibilities are endless, and will add huge depth to your blog and the value you offer to your readers.

Inspiration is Everywhere

Take a notebook, or use a note taking app on your phone, and stay open to ideas. Keep learning and growing. Make sure you really understand your ideal client, and the ideas will flow.

Where you you find your best inspiration? Share in the comments below!

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