OK, so you’ve created your epic lead magnet. You’ve set up the welcome email. People are downloading it. Maybe they’re even USING IT! You’ve

  • created a nurture sequence that tells them all about how you can help them
  • given them a few SUUUPER helpful tips they can use right now
  • and told them how they can work with you…

….so what now?

You know you can’t just keep them there until you want to sell them something. That’s just rude.

You need to keep engaging with them, to remind them you exist, stay in their minds, and get into their hearts. But HOW?

It’s very simple. You need to keep showing up. And not just showing up with stories of your kids, your dog, and your latest favourite (this week!) planner.

No, you have to give them VALUE.

Your emails should do at least one of 4 things…

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Persuade

And you need to mix it up.

If your emails only ever entertain, educate and inspire, they might love your emails, but you’ll never make any offers so you’ll never make any money.

If they only persuade (ie, sell) you’ll lose subscribers, because no one wants to be sold to.

Bring a good mix of the 4, create content that engages with your ideal client, and speaks to their interests, desires, struggles and aspirations.

Show them you understand them. Show them how you can help them.

You’ll soon have a growing number of people who actively enjoy opening your emails, and are happy to give you their money when you offer a sale.

What are you emailing about this week?

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Esther Nagle Administrator
Email Copywriter and Strategist
Esther Nagle has been writing online for more than a decade. She has written blog posts, web copy, event descriptions, ebooks and physical books, social media copy and emails. She has trained with Copy School in Conversion Copywritng in emails, and now specialises in email marketing and strategy. When she\'s not writing, Esther can be found watching live music, walking in nature, playing Irish folk music on her purple violin, and hanging out with her son and crazy dog!
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