My Work

I have written for a variety of websites, and for a range of audiences. You can see some examples of my work here.

10 Reasons to Make Workplace Wellness a Part of Your Company Culture

For The Innovation Beehive

5 Stress Busting Tools For Busy Sales Professionals

For Succeed at Selling

Yoga for Mental Health and Mindful Living

For Valleys Steps

The Long Walk to Recovery

for The Armchair Mountaineer

I Found Myself on a Yoga Mat

For Sober Mommies

Learning to breathe transformed my life

For British Lung Foundation

10 Ways To Manage Stress In Sobriety

For Workit Health

adhd symptoms not flaws esther nagle copywriter addiction adhd

They’re not character flaws, they’re ADHD symptoms! When my life finally made sense.

for Still wild Mind

How to beat the stress of the morning commute

for Birds on the Blog

I am a Yoga Girl

For Yoga Girl

5 Ways Yoga Can Ease Chronic Pain In Addiction Recovery

for Workit Health

in praise of the stranger in my workplace - focusmate for productivity

In Praise of the Stranger in my Workspace

for my Medium page

unmasking blog post title

Unmasking – Who Are You Under Your Masks

For Still Wild Mind

Why Your Breath Is a Powerful Tool for Recovery

For Workit Health

8 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

for Sober Mommies

White Paper

During a time of exploring a business idea focusing on Workplace well-being, I create a model for wellbeing at work and wrote a white paper to explain it. You can see the white paper here

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