Let me write the words to reach your ideal clients so you can devote your time to doing what you do best

What I Do

  I can help you write….


Ideal Client Deep Dive

Understanding your ideal client is fundamental to your business.
It can be the difference between sales and no sales
Or between a client list that fills you with joy, versus one that makes you wonder if your old job wasn’t so bad after all!
Do you know who your ideal client is?
If not, why not take a deep dive with me to find out.
We will spend an hour and a half together, and we will explore
  • the demographics of your ideal client, the ‘census check’ information
  • the psychometrics – their inner life, their emotions, their motivators, their hopes. fears, and dreams
  • what are the challenges they are facing? How does that challenge impact their life?
  • what language do they use to describe it?
  • and where can we go to find out this information?
Don’t waste any more time talking to the wrong people.
Find out who you can best serve and find out how to speak directly to them

Beat the Blank Screen!

Ugh….the blank screen…

Daunting isn’t it?

You had so many ideas 10 minutes ago.

You were going to write the most amazing email this world has ever seen!

You were so excited and now you can’t even write one sentence.

I know how defeated you can feel.

And I want to help.

Spend an hour with me on Zoom, tell me your ideas and I can help you structure your ideas and get started.

I will provide you with tools to turn the blank screen into writing that will say exactly what it is you want to say.

  I can write for you….


Regular email newsletters

You want to keep in touch with your clients via email. But there are SO many things on your to-do list, it always seems to slip to the bottom of the list. And then when you do have time, you’re just tired, and need to rest, or enjoy much needed time with family and friends.

Let me help.

For a small monthly retainer, we will work together to ensure that your emails go out regularly, and with ease. We will meet every month to plan out your newsletters for the month. Then I will write them, and even add them into your email marketing system!

How much easier would this make your life? How much more connected would you be to your clients? How much easier will it be to sell to them if you’ve been providing value on a weekly basis?

This full service package for weekly connection email newsletters costs just £497, with a minimum of a 3 month contract.

Email sequences

Researching, planning, writing and setting up the automation you need in your business takes time.

A LOT of time!

And there are a lot of skills you need to develop to be able to do them.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to do it all yourself!

As an experienced copywriter, I can write the emails for you, but as well as that, I’ve got the technical skills to do the behind the scenes work for you as well! I will set up the emails in your email management system, making sure that everything is clearly marked and documented so that you are able to understand what is happening and can easily make any changes as necessary.

This full package starts at £1497 andwill free you up to work on doing what you do best in your business!

(as well as making sure that the email sequence actually gets done… I see it there, always on the ‘to-do’ list, never making it to the ‘done’ list!)

I adore this woman. Smart, quick, talented and kind beyond measure. It has been such a pleasure to work with Esther. I was having such trouble getting started on a series of emails that I needed to write. Esther created the structure, had so many great ideas and made light work of something that had literally taken me weeks to even start. The best part is that she really cares and makes you feel like she’s not just a copywriter but a real member of your team.

Tracy Otsuka, ADHD for Smart Ass Women Podcast

Esther is a phenomenal writer. She is thoughtful, sensitive and has heaps of empathy that you can see pouring through the words on the page. I highly recommend her skills, she is an asset to my business.

Lisa Barry, Lisa Barry Online

I had an Ideal Client Deep Dive with Esther, and would highly recommend! Through guided meditation, Esther was able to establish a creative flow state, and the ideas came tumbling out! The time flew and we covered A LOT! I felt I really unlocked who we need to connect with and which customers to focus on. Esther was friendly and great to bounce off! All in all, a highly effective brainstorming session.

Asha Meyers, Free Spirits Recovery

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