My father wanted me to set up a Facebook page for his fruit and veg market stall a while ago.

I am the unofficial IT support in my parents? house, so I am well used to his computer help requests, but I didn?t see this coming! While he isn?t completely useless with technology, he doesn?t really use social media, and doesn?t understand it . So my sigh, grimace and sense of dread was probably not surprising.

I asked him what he wanted to do with a Facebook page. He gave the answer I expected, ?Well, to tell people what offers we have on, what we are selling, that sort of thing.?

I then asked him, ?Why are people going to come to your Facebook page??.?

He didn?t really know. I?m not sure he understood what I meant.?

I tried to explain to him that in order to make his page interesting to his current and potential customers, he would have to do more than simply tell them what vegetables he was selling each day. That people wouldn?t go to his page to simply be advertised to. That they would be more likely to actively turn away from it.

Social media is not about advertising to potential customers. Yes, you can promote your products, and showcase your services, but that isn?t the main purpose of it.?

The clue is in the title. It?s social.?

It is about building community, about showing people that you understand the problems they are trying to solve. It is about giving value, showing you care, and making people want to seek you out.

What do they want from your Facebook page?

My father could create a great Facebook page for his business by talking about the things that people are interested in besides the prices of his tomatoes.?

He could share recipes and ideas for different ways to cook and serve fresh fruit and vegetables.

Maybe he could ask people for their favourite recipes, invite them to share photos of meals they cook using food they buy from him.

He could share about the nutritional benefits of different vegetables, about the health benefits of eating fresh fruit and veg, and remind his customers why they need to eat plenty of it.

He can talk about seasons, and the different produce that is available seasonally.

This is just a few ideas, there is lots more he could post about to make his page engaging and interesting.

The key is to focus on the customers, their interests and needs, and not just what he is selling.

He would know far better the things his customers are interested in because he is there everyday talking to them (or was pre Covid at least).

After years in the business, he knows his customers. He knows what they like to talk about, what they want to know about, what they care about.?

When you know your customers, finding content to share on your blog or social media channels isn?t hard. The key is to remember that it isn?t about you or your product. It is about them and their needs.?

In my next post, we will look at creating your Ideal Client Avatar, and how this will help you to create content for your blog or social media channels that allow you to have conversations with your dream clients that will lead to them becoming raving fans!

Esther Nagle Administrator
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Esther Nagle has been writing online for more than a decade. She has written blog posts, web copy, event descriptions, ebooks and physical books, social media copy and emails. She has trained with Copy School in Conversion Copywritng in emails, and now specialises in email marketing and strategy. When she\'s not writing, Esther can be found watching live music, walking in nature, playing Irish folk music on her purple violin, and hanging out with her son and crazy dog!
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