Take the email marketing off your to-do list, and free up your time to do the things you love in your business

You went into business because you were passionate about what you do. 

You’re bloody good at it too. No, you’re GREAT at it! 

You get results. Your clients love you. You are in your zone of genius when you do your thing.

But getting clients is hard. You have to keep marketing! You have to set up funnels and drip campaigns and social media and networking and aaalllllll the things… 

And while you know that email marketing is important, you just never seem to get to it!

moira schitt gif who has time amidst all this chaos

Seriously, who has time for all that? 

You don’t. 

Your to-do list is already bigger than you.

You’ve got work to do.

Email’s not That important.….

Until the clients dry up. And then what?

How do you find new clients?

With an engaged, well nurtured, active email list, your next client could be just an email away.

Your email subscribers have made a conscious choice to type their email address into your sign up form. That takes a bit more effort than hitting like or follow on Instagram! 

And they want to hear from you when they’re there.

Research has shown that despite what the ‘email is dead’ brigade tell us, customers still like to get emails from brands. They still buy from emails. Email marketing is reported to have a return on investment of 38%. That’s HUGE! 

So it’s well worth investing in a strategic, well planned out, consistently delivered email marketing strategy.

As well as your weekly or monthly ‘newsletter’, you want emails that 

  • Welcome your new subscribers with open arms, and show them how you can give them the transformation they seek
  • Build and nurture your relationship with them, so that they get to know, love and trust you
  • Show your empathy, expertise and personality so that they know that you are absolutely the right person for them
  • Guide them along the customer journey so that they feel like they’re being shown exactly what they need, rather than spammy, ‘in your face’ sleazy sales (because you’re NOT a spammy, in your face, sleazy sales type of business!)
  • Follow up and continue to develop the relationship after the sale. (the warmest of warm leads are the ones who have already parted with some moolah!)

These are the type of emails that turn subscribers into customers, and customers into raving fans who will recommend you to their friends, their neighbours, and their Aunty Brenda’s best friend.

Now, this all takes time. You need to know what you’re doing.

And as we’ve already established, you’re too busy being awesome at your thing to have the time or bandwidth for this. 

So what are you going to do?

Are you going to leave all that money on the table?

Are you going to leave all those people to solve their problems without you?

Well, you could white knuckle it, and do it yourself. Sleep is optional, your kids don’t really need you, do they?

Or you could hand it over to a copywriter, trained and experienced in writing the exact sort of email you are looking for. Someone who can take your business goals, and go and do the research, planning and writing to create the emails you need.

Esther nagle email copywriter at her laptop with Between the trees and The Dead South stickers and a fridge covered in magnets behind her

Someone like me, for example.

I have spent hours learning how to do that very thing you’re struggling to do.

I’ve written the emails and seen the results.

Writing is MY Zone of Genius. 

So I can do the research, strategy, planning, writing and editing for you.

I do my thing, and let you get on with yours.

I know that you care about giving your clients the very best service you can.

I know this because I care about that too. And if we didn’t share that, we wouldn’t work well together.

We’re both great at what we do BECAUSE we care.

Become an Email VIP!

I want to help you make a success of your business.

I will work on your business exclusively for one working week.

In that week I will

  • Conduct research on your ideal client to identify the language, priorities, pain points and desires that will influence their decision to buy
  • Plan an email sequence that will help you achieve your business goal. This could be a nurture sequence to welcome and seduce new subscribers, a re-engagement sequence to reactivate and clean a neglected list, a sales sequence etc
  • Write and edit the emails to ensure they speak to your ideal client in the most effective language, and showcasing the transformation they can expect with you, and making the decision to buy an easy one
  • Set up the emails automation in your CRM, or talk you through it so that you can effortlessly do it yourself
  • AND I will write up the research I do into a valuable report that you will be able to use in other areas of your business, giving you vital insights into your ideal clients (this will be delivered after the emails, as these will be my top priority)

When we start to work together, we will have a one-hour meeting to talk through your business, your goals and what you want from my work. I will then get to work, and keep you up to date with my progress with an update email at the end of each day. And all my work will be stored in a Google Drive folder that you will have access to. 

What will email do for your business?

How much would it enhance your business if you could have an email sequence that is working for you 24/7? A series of emails that is speaking directly to your ideal client, in a language they can relate to? That shows them that you understand and empathise with their problems. That you can see the life that is possible for them. And that you have the solutions that can help them get there! 

For just £1997, I will take all the hard work, the second-guessing, and the stress and sleepless nights out of your email marketing. I will provide you with well researched, well-written emails that will get you the results you need. 

If this is something your business needs, book your free, no obligation connection call right now, and let’s start creating those emails that connect in your business!

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